I'm Bryant Ramirez, founder of Millennial Strengths.

The world is changing fast.

Millennials are quickly becoming the majority of the workforce and the primary decision makers of our society.

But relatively few of us are ready for this generational transition.

I'm taking my decade of experience in consulting, global business, coaching, and technology to help individuals and organizations transform to engage Millennial Decision Makers.

Millennial Strengths is designed to build the strongest foundation for Millennials and the organizations who employ Millennials, through business consulting, individual and team coaching, and organizational transformation.

  • As a Millennial, my coaching session with Bryant was significantly valuable as he challenged me to dive deep into my Strengths to empower me to become a better version of myself, personally and professionally.
    — Phil, San Jose, HR Professional and MBA Student
  • Bryant brings high energy and a deep level of understanding to individual coaching. He helped me in developing strategies for my individual strengths and managing my weaknesses.
    — Brice, Denver, Operations Manager
  • He brings hope!
    — Rhonda, experienced Gallup Strengths Coach and co-host of Strengths Activation
  • Some incredible information from Bryant, and a lot of wisdom from a younger guy.
    — Jason, co-host of Strengths Activation

I help individuals and organizations maximize their talents, strengthen the Millennial Workforce, and transform their ethos and culture, through proven Strengths-based methodology and rigorous organizational transformation.

Such individual and organizational transformation will lead to more moments of peak performance, increased workforce engagement and improved success metrics in an increasingly competitive environment that is being defined by Millennials.

I am a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and have quickly become the one of the foremost experts on using Gallup's Strengths-based approaches to coach and engage the rising Millennial Workforce and transform organizations for the Millennial age.

Featured on  Gallup's 'Called to Coach'  as an expert on coaching and leading Millennials.

Featured on Gallup's 'Called to Coach' as an expert on coaching and leading Millennials.

My professional and educational portfolio includes over a decade of experience at world-leading companies and institutions.


Professional portfolio


Educational portfolio

I have been featured on webcasts and podcasts on Engaging Millennials.

Featured on “Strengths Activation” Webcast with Rhonda Boyle, transformative and experienced Strengths Coach and Consultant.

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