The "Third Industrial Revolution" Meets the "Millennial Revolution" in the Workplace (S1E4)


Dr. Jeremy Rifkin of the Wharton School is one of the foremost experts on industrial revolutions. He coined the term "The Third Industrial Revolution" to define the current era, where the sharing economy, connectivity of the internet, and the growing threat of climate change are impacting how we fundamentally interact with each other. In particular, he describes a fundamental change in three concepts: Freedom, Power and Community. According to Rifkin, today's freedom does not come from autonomy, but instead accessibility to others. Today's power is no longer top-down; it's lateral and networked. And today's community is defined not by borders, but by a common conscience.

These changes the way we define the concepts of Freedom, Power and Community are impacting the workforce, as Millennials continue to make up a growing share of the workforce and become the primary decision makers of our society.

Here's my take on how organizations can best interpret these changes and make the most of the "Millennial Revolution" in the Workplace.