To 'Start with Why', Why "Millennial Strengths"? (S1E5)


What I have shared with you is the most personal I have ever been on a public facing forum to date.

Simon Sinek (grand critic of the Millennial Generation) told us to "Start with Why".

So here it is. Why Millennial Strengths?

I share with you three personal stories. One about my childhood. One about a moment during my career as a management consultant. And one about my days at business school.

My goal is to illuminate certain parts of my background that will show you why I'm here, and why I'm here now. Why this is what I am doing now. And then how I intend to do it, and what it will do for our society.

This is the most personal I have ever been publicly, and I feel this is an important step in my journey to making the most impact.

I hope you enjoy this show, the last one of "Season 1". If you have any comments or questions, email me at Find me on Twitter and Instagram @bryantstrengths. Or on LinkedIn under my name, Bryant Ramirez.

Thank you.