Episode 0: Introducing Millennial Strengths

Consider the notion that anything that is not natural must be designed. Designed by a human. A human with talents. Innate talents that, when exercised, become their strengths.

What if we could use these strengths to change the world? What if we can design a course for ourselves to do this? And what if we can design the strongest generation to ever exist so that we could create the greatest positive impact to ever happen?

I’m Bryant Ramirez, and in this podcast, Millennial Strengths, we are going to discuss this. In what way can we unlock our talents and design a way to maximize our strengths. And keep employing these strengths. Not just to become better people, but to also become a better society.

And we Millennials are in an transformative position as the bridge between the analog and the digital worlds. The 20th and the 21st century. 

The time is now. It’s our turn Millennials. Today, we are becoming the decision makers of our society. What can we do to make our society the strongest it has ever been? 

We’ll explore many areas on how we can strengthen ourselves, which in turn, could become the strengths of our society.