In this multi-part series of essays,  I introduce ‘life-direction coaching’ for Millennials by a Millennial.

Millennials Need Coaches, So I became one

Essay 1:

This introductory essay addresses an understanding the mindset of this ‘least understood’ generation and determining how we can unleash the full potential of the Millennial generation through ‘life-direction coaching’.

Millennials need engagement to Thrive

Essay 2:

“Millennials’ lack of engagement costs the U.S. economy $284 to $469 billion annually in lost productivity,” according to Gallup. Millennials need to maximize engagement in everything they do to thrive, both for ourselves and for our society. Here’s how.

Millennials need to Become 'Warriors'

Essay 3:

Kevin Durant became a Warrior, and now he is a Champion. Here’s what Durant's quest can teach us about fit, trust, leadership and followership, and being yourself — and the importance of coaching.