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Millennial Strengths

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  • Bryant helped me understand my own strengths and how to better apply them, taking a very personal approach to guide me through my own journey of personal growth.
    — Dmitry, London, Social impact entrepreneur
  • Bryant brings high energy and a deep level of understanding to individual coaching. He helped me in developing strategies for my individual strengths and weaknesses. I would highly recommend Bryant to others.
    — Brice, Rhode Island, Recent MBA graduate
  • He has an art of encouraging people to open up to truly understand the interconnections of their Strengths, which in turn gives the ability to target in on what will make them successful in their career.
    — Phil, California, MBA student and HR professional
  • I had a powerful coaching experience with Bryant. He made me realize that I had more strengths that I could imagine, and that I can do more than I have ever done and beyond what I could measure before.
    — Smart, Zambia, ‘One in a Million' college graduate

I'm Bryant. It's time to unleash our Millennial Strengths.

I'm a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach with a balanced approach based on modern business disciplines and applied psychology.

My coaching style follows my style as a business person: Assertive, solutions-oriented, and driven by action.

Let's be real. You can't be 'everything'. No one is innately wired to be 'everything', nor should be.

Instead, you can be the best version of you. By doing so, you can realize the greatest potential out of your life.

Start with what's Strong.

"What is Your Quest?"

Source: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

As the Bridge Keeper would command: "STOP! He who would cross the Bridge of LIFE must answer me these questions three."

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your quest?
  3. What is the quickest way from Times Square to JFK?

Two are very easy to answer. Identifying your quest... that's tough.

What are the questions you ask yourself? Are you acting like your own bridge keeper, keeping yourself from crossing? 

Find Your Quest. Own Your Quest. Live Your Quest.


Your Quest Coach cannot provide you all the answers, or perhaps with 'any' answers. Instead, Your Quest Coach will provide you with a direction, using a common, integrated framework, but is tailored just for you.

Through working with Your Quest, you will gain:

  • New insights on your current abilities
  • Reframes of the way you look at your current state
  • Actionable plans and make progress on your goals today
  • Accountability on achieving your goals

After working together, you will leave each session with:

  • A concrete way to apply your innate strengths
  • A holistic benchmark of your current state in life
  • A new version of a 'life quests' (via design thinking)
  • Another life bridge crossed!