"Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do."

- John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach ('48-'75) and 10-time NCAA Champion


Here's why LifeQuest.design matters to me.

I'm a Bruin. The first 'home' I chose was UCLA. There, I discovered my identity and its many complexities. Today, after a successful career in management consulting and earning an MBA, I have discovered that my skills as a business strategist were best applied to life. I've helped leading companies develop strategies and build direction for new ways of looking at their business. So I pondered, "What if I can help build direction for 'life'?"

My MBA experience led me to a different place than stereotypical. It was I learned that we all have strengths, innate talents that provide the foundation on our approach to living. I learned that happiness is a state of being, not something to find. I learned that being a great follower can be even more important that being a good leader. I learned that design thinking can be applied in any way to reframe problems into opportunities, and that it can be used to tackle one of the biggest 'problems' we ask ourselves at the earliest of ages: "What do I want to be when I grow up?" And I realized that the greatest value I could provide the world is becoming a direction builder for life.

Or more apt, becoming a direction builder for one's life quest.

Indeed, life is a quest: A journey. While the 'destinations' are many times the highlight, the snapshots we share on social media or the climax of the stories we share with friends over coffee, the 'journey' is the experience, the one that you will always have.

I'm on a quest to discover how I can apply all that I have learned in my professional career, my graduate studies, and my many life curiosities to build a platform for anyone to design the life quest they want. Essentially, my goal is to synthesize this for you, and to share to the world how I am designing my own life quest.

So, welcome to my portfolio of life. My thoughts on life quest design.

Header photography provided by Dmitry Shuster