Millennials Need to Become ‘Warriors’

Kevin Durant became a Warrior, and now he is a Champion. Here’s what Durant’s quest can teach us about fit, trust, leadership and followership, and being yourself — and the importance of coaching.

The Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions once again!

For Kevin Durant, this moment is particularly special. As he received his NBA Finals MVP trophy, he recalled to his mother, “I told you when I was eight years old” — that he would win an NBA championship and Finals MVP.

“We did it.”

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Millennials Need Engagement to Thrive

“Millennials’ lack of engagement costs the U.S. economy $284 to $469 billion annually in lost productivity,” according to Gallup. Millennials need to maximize engagement in everything they do to thrive, both for ourselves and for our society. Here’s how.

Getting a job offer is one of our greatest accomplishments in life. It validates the value that we provide to society. It expands on our professional careers. It provides us the dignity of earning a paycheck.

I vividly remember the moment I received that phone call. The recruiter from my first employer, a global consultancy, congratulated me on receiving an offer in its upcoming Analyst class. I was particularly anxious about this call because it was September 2009, at the trough of the Great Recession.

I was relieved.

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Millennials Need a Coach, So I Became One

This is the first article of a multi-part series, “Millennials Need…” — an introduction to ‘life-direction coaching’ for Millennials by a Millennial.

Having been born in 1988, I grew up at the midpoint of the Millennial Generation’s childhood, defined as the generation born between 1980 and 1996, according to Gallup. I remember having to remember phone numbers, waiting by a landline phone to pick up a call, changing the cassette tape in the answering machine, and needing to stick to a plan because there was no way to change it once I left the house.

This is no longer our world.

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