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quest: noun 

an act or instance of seeking; pursuit; search


Life is not linear, nor can it be fully 'planned'.

Life is dynamic. It's ever changing. It's ongoing. It changes. It iterates. It transforms. It's messy.

Work with me at Millennial Strengths, and we will...

Articulate your vision

Build your direction

Claim your strengths

Define your quest


STart today

The quests approach

Life Direction for the millennial era

Regardless of what you want to do and what you want to discover, everyone needs a life direction. Everyone needs a direction builder on their side to look beyond the blind spots on the paths we seek to lead.

Whether we work together one-on-one, with a team, or in a seminar/workshop, the Quests Approach is designed to help you design the life you want and leave with doing something new.

We can sort through the messiness of life by leaning on various sciences that form the basis of the Quests Approach -- the intentional envisioning and realization of the life you want to achieve.

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I: Assess

Strengths-based Development

Strengths Psychology is the study of innate talents and the investment in talents to develop strengths. Through this, you will discover how you are 'wired' and how that manifests in your approach to many aspects in life. This forms an objective foundation for the understanding of ourselves and our approach to our life Quests.

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II: Process

Design Thinking Methodology

Design Thinking is the human-centered process of solving problems by designing solutions that fulfill human needs. Design is a future-focused practice that begins with empathizing with the people who need the solution the most. We all need direction in life, and we can use Design Thinking to discover and build such direction.

III: Harness

Applied Psychology Approaches

We can apply various approaches discovered in applied psychology to enhance our Quests:

  • Happiness
  • Leadership
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Advocacy & Organizational Behavior
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Is this approach the 'holy grail' of discovering every answer to life's questions? No.

However, it can help you in building your approach to discover your 'holy grail'.

Seek Your 'Holy Grail' - Being the Full You

Your Quest Coach is a modern approach to life coaching.

Ever experience a 'quarter-life crisis'? I have. Many times, this occurrence stems from a lack of clarity and confidence in life direction. Likely, we all seek our own 'Holy Grail', but in practice, we don't know what our 'Holy Grail' is. This 'Holy Grail' is likely a moving target, not a static destination. You have to remain agile and on point to make progress. This is where coaching can help you build the life you want, and keep you building and growing.

Indeed, your 'Holy Grail' is Being Yourself with Authority.

Be Yourself with Authority

The Your Quest Coach approach synthesizes proven methods I've used in as a business strategist but tailored for for people:

  • Assess stakeholders (via StrengthsFinder)
  • Process to develop (Design Thinking)
  • Journey Roadmapping (Quests!)
  • Implementation (i.e. coaching!)
  • Harness maximum potential (the sciences of happiness, leadership, creativity and innovation)

My goal: Help you build a greater life direction and

be yourself with authority!